Thursday, August 27, 2009

8/27/09 fishing report

Hey everyone, It seems the cicadas have left us for the year. You can still catch a few trout casting to the banks.If you do try this method fish were you know there are fish year around. Like 14 mile,power lines,8mile places like that. We did real well nymphing from the boat Sunday 8/23/09. Use a 5x leader, 9ft. add 20 inches of tippet and put your weight there. Tie on two size 16 midges add your indicator and drift the long runs such as 14 mile,8mile ,3 mile and watch for those strikes. Wading is good while the water is rising use a scud or worm natural colors and a midge. Make sure you adjust your weight as the water rises also the general rule is to have twice the length of leader as the average depth of water you are fishing. That's from your indicator to the first fly. Try a terrestrial dry and a dropper a bead head midge of course in the morning while the water is rising. Spiders,ants, Beatles,hoppers and dry scuds all get washed into the water and hungry rainbows are looking for them. Now in September the river level will drop and that usually means really good fishing. So give us a call and book your trip today.Good fishing to you all and may I see you soon.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8/18/09 fishing report

The circadas are quiet and all you hear is the river running and the dip splash of your guides oars. Your watching the big circada pattern but not really watching it because its so serene and beautiful in the canyon all of the sudden you hear set! set !You do. Your rod feels heavy.
A nice fat 16'' rainbow explodes into the air. Your heart is racing you have a big smile on your face. You get it landed you admire it as it swims from your hands now thats awesome you say aloud lets do it again Rocky says.
This is just one way to catch trout at Lees Ferry right now.
Nymphing a double midge rig works well also but don't dredge the bottom shorten your leader and use less weight. A dry dropper rig is a good way to go also. Always a sink tip line and a olive woolly bugger works at Lee's Ferry. Don't forget when the river levels drop September 1st the fishing will be very good for awhile and then will become good to fair until the spawn starts and the water levels rise again.
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Rocky Lovett

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

07/21/09 Fishing Report

07/21/09 Circadas are still singing away along the banks of the cool clear waters at Lee's Ferry. The eddies are full of hungery trout sipping midges and taking emergers, so stop when you get to one and put on a dropper. Nymphing deep with a worm and a zebra midge worked well this week . You can drift from a boat or wade the lower ends of the riffles. Again the over looked factor of the month is wading the long cobble bars and casting upsteam with a dry and a dropper. Don't forget one of my favorites is fishing the deep seams with a 200 grain sink tip and a olive wooly bugger. You folks that have trolling motors can hold on the seams longer and deeper. Make sure you are fishing as close to the bottom as possible. Have fun and be safe I hope to see you on the river. Rocky