Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10/27/09 fishing report

Hello everyone, I am still alive If you were wondering? I have been fishing alot this month and the catching has been good. The riffles are fishing pretty well using natural colored worms,live colored scuds and just about all colors of bead head midges. Drifting is working very well using the same flies. Make sure you have a long enough leader. The general rule is to have twice the length as the average depth of water you are fishing. As I always say do not forget to bring your sink tip and olive buggers this always works any time of the year. For those of you that are coming to Lees Ferry even if you are not fishing with us please feel free to call us with your questions at 928-645-2781.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hello fellow fisherman, The water level is still the same, at a steady 10,000 cfs. So the fishing has not changed much since my last report. I have seen more scuds in the river than I have seen in a long time. Even tho the water isn't fluctuating we have been catching fish on live colored scuds, and natural colored San Juan worms. For those of you that can cast a long heavy sink tip line, olive woolybuggers are producing fish as well. It seems we are catching bigger fish using this method too. Places to use a woolybugger would be at the deepest portion of every riffle. Weather has been great, lots of sunshine, daytime temp 65-70 degrees still. The fishing pressure is almost non existent. So we hope to see you out there. For More Details, Visit Home at http://www.LeesFerryFlyFishing.com