Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14, 2013

Hey everyone,
The fishing is really good this spring. Good midge fishing again, after the dismal hatches from last spring, I am excited to be midging sucessfully again. Shallow spawners can be seen at select locations on the river, and some sight fishing can be done in these areas. Still fishing the "fall out" waters, shallow to mid depth, with midge patterns #16-#18. If you enjoy wading and shallow, trout fishing, this is the time to come fish the Ferry, quite days, perfect weather (70's daytime), and easy fishing style, and great fishing!

Thank you,
Mick Lovett
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just anouther great trip, 100% midges, great guys, a special thanks to Dave and Mark. This was my spring kick off trip!

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Early March 2013

Hello all my fellow fishers, this spring is starting off great, I am really excited about the midge fishing.
The spring midge hatches have started, in good numbers too, with all this warmer weather in Arizona, and no big storms on radar, the hatches should just get bigger and bigger from here on out.
For us fishermen this means shallow water nymphing and dry-dropper as the season progresses.
I just finished up two trips that had some of the best numbers I have had since December, and all on midges too. Zebra midge patterns of #16 and #18, black/silver, Lazer, purple/silver and a red larva midge we call the "Chop Special", have been the most sucessful patterns for me so far this year. Find the slower flat runs,I have always called these areas "the fall out water" as it is usually located at the bottom of the popular bars and is the tailing seam water from the main riffles on the river.

A special thanks to Jon and Gary
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