Thursday, December 4, 2014

Drought Shows Grand Change to Colorado River

Lake Powell is one of the reservoirs on the Colorado River that sits between Utah and Arizona, and it also happens to be one of the better reservoirs to see just how bad the state of water in the southwest is becoming. Over the past few years Lake Powell has become a shadow of what it once was, and that is all thanks to the droughts that have been affecting the United States Southwest for well over a decade. The droughts have become so bad, that they are being recorded with a qualifier each year, such as severe or extreme.

Global warming has been affecting everyone, but the Colorado River is starting to see that in large folds, considering it is one of the few areas that supplies much of the western United States with water. That may not even be true soon, with the look at Lake Powell and seeing just how much the drought has changed some of the Colorado River’s water levels.

This is why there are so many plans currently in action to try and help with the maintaining of the water levels for the river. If we get to a point where these rivers have completely dried up we can expect to see massive changes to the ecosystem as well as severe water cut backs for much of the western population anyway. If we don’t control our water usage now, we will be forced to do it later.

And it’s not just for the people in the western states, as water becomes scarce in certain areas the prices on it will also rise for everyone. Despite our planet being 70% water, we may actually see a water shortage within the next decade if we don’t do something soon for our rivers.

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