Monday, July 29, 2013

Fatty in the net

Another great fish

Big bow-drifting at the dam
Special thanks to Shawn, and Riley 

Pig on the streamer
Nice one Andy

Cicada-still a few fish looking up

Big Brown 20" plus. Once in a life time at the ferry.

Hello everyone, 
This has been a great summer season. The fishing is just exceptional, catching fish from the shore, from the boat, on streamers,  deep nymphing, big drys, dry-dropper. It's awesome. Although the cicada bit has tapered off, the wading/drifting days have been great. San Juan worms of orange, red, or brown, scud patterns have been great, pink or brown, of course midges, black is best but gray and green midges have been good as well. 
With all the fish in such great health this summer, this fall season should be great, I am really looking forward to the return of our fall fluctuations, so of fall is open on your calendar for a trip to the ferry I highly suggest you do it. If we can be of service please let us know.
As always "may your lines be tight, and always remember to keep that tip up"

Mick Lovett

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello to all my fellow anglers,
As Kyle said below it was a wonderful week on the water and much thanks to all friends and clients for a week of great trips and fishing adventures. I appreciate your business and all of your support.
A special thanks to Lee Dangelo from the Orvis store in Scottsdale, and all the awesome clients involved in that trip. We had a great trip and meet some amazing people. Not to mention landing a few real nice rainbows.
Big Leagues


Big Leauges

Desert Big Horn, always a treat.
Lee Dangelo-Orvis store Scottsdale 
On the switch rod(steamer baby 18")

Look at the girth on this pig.

Thanks to all of you not mentioned as well, I appreciate each and every one of you. Great trips and I look forward to seeing you all agin real soon I hope.
The fishing at the ferry is awesome, the population is in GREAT health this year as you can see the fat rolls on all of the blog photos. Plenty of food and lots of great action. Midges, scuds, worms, cicadas, and even streamers all working great right now. 

Mick Lovett
Dr. Phishie w/ a fat18" at the dam

Summer thunder storms a beautiful treat

Another fatty

Sunday, July 21, 2013

9 days on the Big Leagues

Hey all its been a great 9 days on the water and I'm excited to show you my rewards of hard work.  The cicada fishing is still going on but not smashing all day.  There were more private boats on the river this year pounding the shores than i have ever seen.  Which i think is a good thing more people are getting up here and enjoying the river.  It kinda effects the bite just because no runs are hot enough to run back to back with another boat, so timing and knowing were people have been is key to staying on a active bite.  Deep nymphing has been killer at the top of the river!  We have been wrecking the fish on San Juans and scuds.  Colors are too key to give away but i will say the bigger the better on fly size.  Moving down river the bite is still all about midges.  Back side of duck is loaded with fish, size is not strong but numbers are big.  Running a double midge setup size 16 trailed by a 18 was my best rig.  The best midge colors were your standard issue black and silver zebra, black and copper, and a dark laser.  All the back eddies are stacked with slurping fish that you \can catch all day with a dry droper setup.  Most of those fish are small but the bottom of four on river left has nice schools of mature fish.  Those fish have been growing up in those eddies for two years, pretty cool watching them grow up.  With the Monsoons here it slowed the cicadas but if like last year the weather will warm back up and get a good ending hatch.  I hope you enjoy these pics and get up here.  The high water flow is only going to last tell the end of August, so that could put a stop to our big league drift.  This drift is by far my favorite run



dam double



midge eater

1/2 into backing!!

now so if you can get up here lets go!
Kyle Klemme-M.C.O
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Falcons & Fattys

Cicadas cicadas cicadas. The dry fly fishing is killer, mature fish in the shallows eating the big big.

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Mick Lovett