Sunday, August 12, 2012

Same tactics,healthy fish

Here are half of August pictures.  Thanks to all of our returning clientes Andy, Chris, Bill and Tom.  My buddy J and I had a great day playing in our backyard yesterday.  The numbers are over the top and the fish are very healthy. We are landing a variety of sizes to keep things interesting.  Till next time, keep griding it out and sorting through to find the big ones.  Kyle Klemme-Guide.

Sorry for not showing the true size of this 18 inch beauty...biggest fish of his Lee's Ferry fishing career

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Friday, August 3, 2012

I get one for me every once and a while.

Fun afternoon, buggers from the boat, deep nymphing from the boat, all successful, late summer fishing is only gonna last until the first of September.
New water is supposed to be lower water, coming for fall will mean wading again.
The monsoon season has kept the normally blistering summer temps, fairly low and tolerable.
For any of the readers who are looking to get in a last minute summer fishing trip before the kids go back to school now is that time. Thanks again and as always "I wish you Tight Lines, and always remember to keep that tip up"

Mick Lovett

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Thank you Shawn and Riely, see you on the next one! Another great trip.
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The Last of the Summer Fishing

Big thanks to Steve & Rick, another great trip, see you next year guys.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July gone along with the big bug.

Well monsoon season has hit the Cicadas and lowered the temperatures.  August brings us new flows of 17,000cfs-9,000 so just down some from last month.  I have not yet been with these waters but I believe it should play to our advantage.  Last time up river we threw deep nymphing rigs anywhere from 9-12' to the first fly  trailing another fly about 16-22".  AB was the norm weight for the faster water.  Good flys for the month were San Juan worms brighter colors rust, red, orange, in the clouds a dark chocolate worked well.  Scuds worked but they must be big.  Always in smoother seams our midging rig with a dead drift is bangin.  I have my favorite midges patterns I tie, but for the most part take a swoop with your hat in the next midge hatch and check what color they are.  Small black,red,purple zebras should be in your box.  If you like to throw streamers we suggest heavy sink tips and olive colored flys.  Streamers are a lot of action and a lot of work, generally paying off well with nice fish. I will have a Walk in report for you hopefully Thursday evening.  July was a good month so here are some pics of my last week.  Thanks Mike for landing this nice 19+ hen awesome job and timing.. She is the same fish in the net.
Thanks for checking up till next time keep that dead drift running.
Kyle Klemme- M.C.O.

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