Sunday, August 12, 2012

Same tactics,healthy fish

Here are half of August pictures.  Thanks to all of our returning clientes Andy, Chris, Bill and Tom.  My buddy J and I had a great day playing in our backyard yesterday.  The numbers are over the top and the fish are very healthy. We are landing a variety of sizes to keep things interesting.  Till next time, keep griding it out and sorting through to find the big ones.  Kyle Klemme-Guide.

Sorry for not showing the true size of this 18 inch beauty...biggest fish of his Lee's Ferry fishing career

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  1. great blog man, I'm looking forward to coming up and fishing with you one day.

  2. Wow! It seems that they had so much fun catching different kinds of fish. They looked very healthy and I’m pretty sure those are also delicious. I really love seeing fish especially those big ones. That kind of day is really perfect for fishing - clear blue sky and crystal clear water.