Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8/18/09 fishing report

The circadas are quiet and all you hear is the river running and the dip splash of your guides oars. Your watching the big circada pattern but not really watching it because its so serene and beautiful in the canyon all of the sudden you hear set! set !You do. Your rod feels heavy.
A nice fat 16'' rainbow explodes into the air. Your heart is racing you have a big smile on your face. You get it landed you admire it as it swims from your hands now thats awesome you say aloud lets do it again Rocky says.
This is just one way to catch trout at Lees Ferry right now.
Nymphing a double midge rig works well also but don't dredge the bottom shorten your leader and use less weight. A dry dropper rig is a good way to go also. Always a sink tip line and a olive woolly bugger works at Lee's Ferry. Don't forget when the river levels drop September 1st the fishing will be very good for awhile and then will become good to fair until the spawn starts and the water levels rise again.
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Rocky Lovett


  1. Nice work Rocky! Great picture -- Tak

  2. Hi Jon ! I like the fishing updates you put on the blogspot, it's helpful ! Keep it up !

  3. You're doing a fantastic job Rocky!! Keep up all your hard work!