Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11/03/09 fishing report

Hello my fellow fishers, I will say my last day out on the ferry was a 10 plus. That day was the first,11/01/09. My clients landed at least 50 trout by noon. The size varied from 10 to 19 inches. This is as good as it gets except for the cicada bit in July. We caught them on worms, scuds and zebra midges. The weather has been nice around 40 in the morning and up to 75 degrees in the day and then the fishing. The reason the fishing is so good is because we have gone back to normal fluctuating flows after two months of steady 10.000 cfs. . The situation is every day that goes by the flush of food for the fish gets less and less. Until it returns to normal and the fishing returns to normal also. So for those of you that can get away on short notice this is a great time to give me a call and set up a day or two on the river. I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. The next happening you should be looking forward to is the spawn. We should start to see some deep water spawning this month and it will increase as the winter and spring come on. One fact that I would like to share is that the last two years spawn has been very productive. The best we have had in ten years. So I expect the same productive, wide spread spawning this year also. We have been seeing desert bighorn sheep on the river lately this is a picture of a ram one of my clients took. Thanks Frank. I hope to see you all soon. Rocky Lovett
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