Tuesday, August 17, 2010

fishing report 8/17/2010

Hey everyone, Here is a picture of a great young man named Christopher Lane with a beautiful Lees Ferry rainbow. He and his father Phil Lane came and spent a couple of days taking advantage of the great fishing we have been experiencing. I think they caught fish just about every way one can catch fish at Lees Ferry what a great time we had. Thanks guys.Well I expect more of the same for the rest of August. September fishing is going to be great because after high flows for the summer and the fact that when they lower the flows for the fall
the fish will be condensed in the riffles. Those first two weeks of September are always good. Also another good thing that will be happening is four days of steady low flows on and around Labor day weekend. Last year we were having 100 fish days during this time. So don`t miss out on this great time to be out on the Ferry. Rocky For More Details, Visit Home at http://www.LeesFerryFlyFishing.com

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