Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Day of April.

Well the Swallows have arrived and that means one thing, there here for the midges.  Our midge hatch is in full swing.  Coming off the Walk in this afternoon we will start there.  We started our day around noon, we only saw a couple people out at that time of the day.  With the weather warming up I believe that most anglers are waiting for the morning and evening bites.  That was the case for most success a few weeks ago, but with hatches coming off all day the fish are feeding while the food is there.  I set my guys up with two rigs, one was our suspended midge set up running about three feet to the first fly and around 18'' to the second fly.  On the other rod we dead drifted a olive wooly bugger, trailing it with a size 16 midge just a couple inches shorter than the suspended rig.  Fish were active from the moment we got there tell we left around 4pm.  I wish I could share my secret color midge that has been my only color of choice, but I have to keep my favorites mine.  Dont get me wrong I have no problem showing you, but only on the water.  Biggest tip and we cant preach enough to catch fish at the Ferry is the "Dead Drift".  Fish are very selective but will eat most sizes and colors as long as you have a correct drift. Here are a couple of shots I snapped off today I hope you enjoy, and to see you out there.  Check us out tomorrow for my up river report.  Thanks for checkin in tell next time set quick and and keep your tip up.

Kyle Klemme. M.C.O Guide 
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