Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Its been a few since the last up date so I will give you a brief look at whats happening for the month of July.  CICADAS. July 1 was my first day back to rowing the boat down the shores throwing the big bugs!  Cicadas started to chatter early this June which made us crazy because the fish had not turned onto the bite yet.  The bite is not if full swing but, there are several good runs thru the river that are producing healthy and active bows.  The upper river seams to be louder with the buzzing of cicadas so we get a lot more dry action then the dropper.  I have been throwing a black cicada with orange legs being trailed by a number 16 midge color of choice, around 8-14'' down.  The bottom river is quiet and we have been seeing more merging schools of fish in the back eddies.  They are shy but still drop the bug in the middle of them and if one isn't on the dry they will be on the dropper.  I have also heard thru Mick that drifting a long nymphing rig has been producing for this months new water flow with peaks @ 18,000 CFS.  Tell drys our done i don't plan on investigating that.  Here are some pics from the last five days.  I will posting on the Walk In before the week is over so look out for that.  Thanks and come get in on the action.

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