Saturday, June 29, 2013


Sorry all its been a while!
The river is at its summer high flows, not as high as last but high enough to drift bushes by the banks and deep nymph.  Midges are still the primary food source although last full moon brought on some scud action which was nice.  Are cicadas are starting to sing and Mick and I went out fathers day and landed about 10 a piece in a couple hours.  We considered that excellent for being June.  Our fish are seaming to only get healthier and heftier.  Cicadas are the high point of our year so come up will we still have room July is filling up fast so contact us asap if you are interested!
The Walk In is starting to gear up on drys as well with the water rising it offers allot of small seams and kicks.  The small runs let you fish multiple runs and seams like you would on smaller water ways which is fun at the top of the "boulder field".  I have had really good success from the Paria to the top of the boulder fields with a streamer.  A small woolly or leach pattern with a bead head seams to be the key.  Here are some pics of the last month hope you enjoy and will be having more to come by the end of Julys first week.
Tell next time keep the fly wet and the drift dead!
Kyle Klemme/M.C.O

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