Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Five Benefits of Using Fly-Fishing Guides

1. Know Where to Find Fish
For guides, fishing is a full time job that provides intimate knowledge of where to find the most amount of fish under different weather conditions and at different times of day. Even experienced anglers can benefit from a guides familiarity with a particular fishing location. You’ll catch more fish, which is the point of it all anyway, right?

2. Ensure Proper Technique
While the cast in fly-fishing is a true art, it requires a great amount of technique to be precise and effective. Guides can provide indispensable training on the fly to help you have a more productive day, and become a better angler in the process. Working with an expert provides comfort that you’re doing things the right way.

3. Improve Fly Selection
The presentation of the fly to a fish is meant to simulate the delicate approach of insects to the water. This makes the selection of a fly crucial, and dependent on a variety of shifting factors. Fly-fishing guides know which flies to use where, when, and for which fish.

4. Always Have The Best Equipment
Using fly fishing guides keeps you from having to stay current with the best fishing equipment and the expertise to operate it. Most important of all, the boat, which most anglers would have to rent anyway, is included. While there is a list of equipment that each angler must provide, you can focus more on items that serve your personal fishing needs.

5. Enjoy Your Trip!
All of these factors combined lead to less worry and planning time for your fly-fishing expedition. You’ll feel more free to enjoy the trip, and in the case of Lee’s Ferry, the beautiful Colorado river and its surrounding landscape.

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