Monday, November 25, 2013

Lee’s Ferry Fly Fishing Water Conditions

Lee’s Ferry is a great place for fly-fishing, and a unique spot on a world-famous, historic waterway. Anyone who has witnessed the Colorado River, with its intense rapids framed by enormous canyons, can attest to its dramatic appeal. Historically, Lee’s Ferry served as a convenient place to cross the hazardous Colorado. These days, it is a great place to enter the water for an unforgettable day of fishing.

While the Colorado River begins in the Rocky Mountains, Lee’s Ferry itself gets its water directly from Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam. The activity of the Glen Canyon Dam, which created Lake Powell upon being built, is very important to the fishing conditions of Lee’s Ferry on any given day.

The dam, built about 50 years ago, provides electricity by hydropower, and is an object of much controversy for many in the Southwest because of the changes it has caused to the environment surrounding it. The measured supply of electricity to residents affects the flow of water allowed to pass through the dam, which in turn affects the conditions and depth of the fishing waters downstream. For example, water tends to flow more during the day, when more electricity is being used. Water flow also increases seasonally, as more power is used during the hottest and coldest months, and in some years more than others.

While the changes are generally gradual, water levels are known to rise by a foot or two throughout the day. These variations are in addition to natural influences on water flow, including snow run-off and rainfall.

Of course, these changing conditions affect the fly-fishing technique appropriate for that particular time. Low waters mean more wading, while higher waters might force anglers to fish from the boat, either anchored or adrift. Adjustments to technique are also important for differences in water depth and flow. Your fishing guide can be a huge help in this area. On-the-fly advice is critical when changes can occur from month to month, day to day, or even hour to hour.

At Lee’s Ferry, a mix of natural and man-made wonders lead to a gorgeous fly-fishing site where ever-changing conditions require additional strategy. To see what makes Lee’s Ferry such an attractive place for fly-fishing with the best guides on the Colorado, set up a trip with Marble Canyon Outfitters at Lee’s Ferry today.

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