Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Colorado River Conservation

Protecting the majestic nature of the Colorado River is of great importance to us here at Lees Ferry Fly Fishing. Without the life-giving waters that flow through this corner of Arizona, we can’t offer the world-class fishing experience that we’ve grown accustomed to and which our customers have come to expect of us.
Forecasts of drought have hung heavy in the atmosphere all over the United States, especially in the southwest and western regions of this nation. That’s one reason why we’re glad to hear about conservation efforts focused on making sure that the Colorado River retains its grace and beauty for years to come.

This article published by KVOA.com discusses a federal project which is currently seeking proposals for effective water conservation efforts on portions of the Colorado River in multiple states. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is working with public water agencies in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and California to fund about $11 million in projects for Colorado River conservation.

This river has bore the brunt of extreme drought conditions over the past decade and many of its reservoirs have dropped to incredibly low levels. Lake Mead, for example, dropped to its lowest levels this July since the Hoover Dam was installed in 1937. The water provided by the Colorado River is utilized by municipal water systems which serve up to 40 million people across the United States, making the protection of this river incredibly important to our country.

Here at Lees Ferry Fly Fishing, we’re confident that we’ll be angling around these parts of Arizona for many, many years to come. Which is good, because we want to share not only the experience of fishing these waters teeming with fish but also the splendor and beauty of this isolated setting. Our experienced fishing guide staff will make sure that you get the most out of your expedition into the waters of the Colorado.

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