Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Importance of the Land and Water Conservation Fund

How do you feel about the natural world all around you? Do you take it for granted? Do you not take the time to sniff its pleasant aromas, to touch its perfect body? Without the natural world, we are hollow, with nothing to look forward to but the daily grind and the same bland buildings. Without the natural world, we would have no soul, and there’s no fun or beauty in that. It is our responsibility to protect the natural world by any means necessary, to conserve places like the Colorado River for future generations. How then do we go about this? By urging Congress to take stronger measures – that’s how. That’s what Randy Newberg of the Great Falls Tribune believes.

He writes, “I was almost a year old when Congress created the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). A new idea to invest a small royalty revenue from offshore oil and gas leases into land, water and recreation areas for the public. A creative conservation idea that’s not used a single dime of taxpayer money. An obvious need 50 years ago is even more critical today. As America grows its economy and develops its natural resources, rank-and-file Americans are losing traditional access to the great outdoors.”

Newberg’s impassioned plea is inspiring. He understands the importance of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. While it provides a boost to the economy, which is good, but just as important is the need for Americans to have access to the great outdoors. It is our right as human beings, as Americans, and we need to make sure that this land is available for future generations. 

If you love this land, places like the Colorado River, then get in touch with your local congressional representative or state senator and urge them to keep the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund going and going strong. We at Lees Ferry Fly Fishing certainly will! 

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