Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9/16/09 fishing report

The first thought that comes to mind is WHAT GREAT WEATHER.The next is LETS GO FISHING. We have been doing pretty well wading the riffles using what I call a midging rig. Refer back to last weeks report to review how to rig the midging rig. Remember one can effectively fish 0 to 6 feet with this rig. Two tips are make sure you are getting long drag free drifts and be sure you to fish every line or lane that you can reach.Every foot from near to far. I see that the trout are not moving very far to take the fly you need to put it right in their face. Its all about the midges right now so use midges of all sizes,colors and shapes. Well I will be looking forward to fishing with you soon until then good fishing.
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