Monday, March 29, 2010

3/29/2010 fishing report

Hello everyone, When the weather is good and the river level is down for the afternoon the fishing is good. As you can see one of my longtime clients Tim Flanagan caught a beautiful,big brown trout, but he wasn't the only one. Daniel Huthsinger caught a 17 inch German brown seven days later. He was caught off of a spawning bed,so lets hope it is a trend. I have heard of three other browns netted by other guides. Now about the catching of the rainbows. The key word is midges. They are taking midges over anything else try to use all different patterns that the fish may not see very much. I have been experimenting with several different colors of bead head midges. I found so far purple has been working very well. A dry dropper rig or a midging rig has been working the best lately,remember alot of the fish will be suspended while feeding on midge emergers. The places to look for are seems and slow moving water. You may or may not see trout working the surface, but they are there. When all else fails break out the sink tip and swing,then stripe a olive woolly bugger. The spawn is winding down ,but you may still see a few trout on redds. If you do chocolate worms have been the Best for me, but try every thing you never know what they will take. I will see you out there ,until then good fishing. Rocky Lovett
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