Friday, April 9, 2010

4/9/2010 fishing report

Hey my friends, My interpretation of this pectrogliph which can be found on the river at mile nine is bighorn sheep make the would go around. Hows that for all of you sheep hunters? Now about the fishing. Do to cold nights and weird weather patterns we have had very little bugs as in fish food which has made for tough catching. I say catching because the fishing is great. The day temps have been warming up near 70 degrees. To adapt we have been swinging and then stripping streamers woolly buggers to be exact,olive with cristeal flash or flashabou. I expect as soon as the night temps start to stay above 45 or 50 degrees the midge hatches will start to be more prolific and the trout will move to the shallows and resume more vigorous feeding habits. Last night was a bit warmer. Don't get me wrong we are still catching a fair number of fish. But be prepared to use all of the tactics in your arsenal. One might start with a dry dropper in the morning then a nymphing rig in the mid day and finish with a streamer and heavy sink tip. The tip for the week is cover lots of water and fish deep.I would like to give a special thanks and appreciation to Sir John Matox, Mr. John Breznak and Dave Cohon for their friendship, faith and encouragement. THANKS GUYS Rocky Lovett
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