Friday, July 2, 2010

Fishing Report July 2nd 2010

Hello all my fellow fishers,
July is here, the cicadas are singin, the water is up under the trees, and the trout are taking the "big bugs". We have been throwing cicadas at the banks for the last two weeks, and have been fairly successful, but now that we are in July the high water is here and we expect the fishing to pick up. It always does. We are now fishing strictly from the boat. The weather has been calm and warm, with some occasional afternoon sprinkles. So when you come bring a big hat, sunscreen, shorts, and your sandals. 6 and 7 weight rods can be an arm saver, for those of you that have them. We are using 9' 3x leaders, and sizes 6-8 cicada patterns, in black, or chocolate brown. For those of you that have fly shops close by, don't be afraid to bring a selection of cicadas. The action is fast and furious, so those of you that want to fish 3 people to a boat, is a good time to do so, because by the time you have sat in the shade and had a cold drink, it will be your turn again. This is the only time of year we encourage 3 anglers to a boat. Deep nymphing, eddie fishing, and streamers, are all tactics that will also produce good numbers, but why when you can be throwing the "big bugs" from the boat. So hope to here from you soon, and those of you that are already booked, we are looking forward to fishing with you. Rocky and Mick

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