Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14, 2013

Hey everyone,
The fishing is really good this spring. Good midge fishing again, after the dismal hatches from last spring, I am excited to be midging sucessfully again. Shallow spawners can be seen at select locations on the river, and some sight fishing can be done in these areas. Still fishing the "fall out" waters, shallow to mid depth, with midge patterns #16-#18. If you enjoy wading and shallow, trout fishing, this is the time to come fish the Ferry, quite days, perfect weather (70's daytime), and easy fishing style, and great fishing!

Thank you,
Mick Lovett
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  1. wow they are using a very unique and old style of catching a fish. now a days just cartoons use to do fishing like that Fishing in Dubai

  2. Spring time is the great time for me for fishing. I have fish lots of trouts, big or small ones. I even have planned already my next destination for fish, I'll be going to tennessee fly fishing.