Thursday, May 29, 2014

Equipment for Fly Fishing

Fly fishing can seem daunting, if only because of the amount of equipment involved. But how much of that is purely for show? We’ve put together a list of what you actually need to get started to make your first fly fishing experience a little less complicated.

Five-weight rods can handle any fish from 6 inches long to five pounds. For fish of this size, most fly reels, regardless of price, will work just fine. Weight-forward, five-weight floating lines work best for five-weight rods. Floating line is a simple place to start practicing your cast and works with wet and dry flies. Weight-forward just refers to the line’s taper.

Braided Dacron backing isn’t essential, but it will prevent any big fish from taking all of your line and make bringing your line back in a lot less painless. A standard nine-foot, 5X leader is the way to go with a five-weight line. These are tapered monofilament line. Keeping 5X tippets to replace portions of your 5X leader is always a good idea.

Neoprene waders will keep you warm in cool weather, but with the Summer season coming in, we suggest either going big with waterproof/breathable waders (a bit expensive, but often with a lifetime guarantee) or fabric waders. Fabric waders are prone to leaks, but are one of the better options to avoid an uncomfortable trip.

Other items to never forget on your trip are wading boots, clippers, fly floatant, a net, forceps, a leader straightener and a fly vest or chest pack. These last two items should be comfortable as well as functional, as you’ll be wearing them all day.

Contact Marble Canyon Outfitters to get started on a guided day of fly fishing. You’ll be glad you did!

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