Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rainbow Trout is One of the Top Five Game Fish in America

Fly Fishing is always a great way to spend your day and the experience itself is enough to put a smile on your face for a long time. But what do we catch? Our main game is the rainbow trout and the best way to bring one (or several) home is to know your animal.

Adult freshwater rainbow trout range from 1 to 5 lbs., but lake trout can get as big as 20 lbs. Coloration of these fish range depending on species, but they live up to their title and exhibit gorgeous hues of reds, greens and blues here in Arizona. They also feature heavy black spotting.

Both wild and hatchery-bred rainbow trout can be found in over 45 countries and on every continent save Antarctica. They spawn in early to late spring (between January and June) when water temperatures reach 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum-recorded lifespan is 11 years.

Though not particularly aggressive, rainbow trout are certainly predators that will eat anything they can get their jaws around. They generally feed on aquatic insects in larval, pupal and adult stages of life. These include caddisflies, stoneflies, mayflies and aquatic diptera. However, they’ll also chow down on fish eggs and even terrestrial insects that fall into the water like ants and beetles.

In fly-fishing circles, rainbow trout are known as one of the hardest-fighting fish. This is determined by their tendency to leap when hooked. They’re regarded as one of the top five game fish in America.

Rainbow fish are also highly regarded for their use in western cuisine. Seafood Watch named them a “best choice” fish for human consumption for their appealing flavor and high levels of vitamin B. Typical wine pairings for trout include chardonnay, sauvignon blancs and pinot gris.

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