Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nurse Becomes Fly Fishing Teacher

It can be a scary thing to change your job when you’ve been so heavily invested into it for most of your life. Yet Lori-Ann, a fourth generation nurse who had started working in hospitals at the age of 14, decided to move on from a job that had treated her well for years. It wasn’t anything to do with being a nurse that had stopped her though. She loved the job, and the advantage it gave her to be able to travel to different places since everyone seems to need nurses.  There was some great job security.

The important thing to her had been just getting frequent change with the job. A new place and new people and new experiences were all important. But when she went on a fly-fishing trip, it completely threw everything out of balance for Lori-Ann. She was floored by a realization when she caught a fish on that trip. The realization that so much changed in that river in a small amount of time while she was there, and that meant everything had to be perfect for her to catch that fish that had gone hundreds of miles in the water to reach her.

And the rest is history, as she took up nursing jobs to get closer to fly-fishing. Eventually the hobby became something else entirely when she became a certified guide and teacher for people wanting to take up fly-fishing, and even more when her renown as the fly-fishing nurse resulted in multiple connections with movies and movie stars who wanted information and to learn from her. And it all started with one little trip that she enjoyed and she decided to follow that passion.

This nurse truly did have a fly-fishing experience that changed her life forever, and for the better. So what’s stopping you from the same thing?

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