Monday, August 11, 2014

What is Fly Fishing?

There is nothing more commonly uttered by people who know nothing about fishing than: What is Fly Fishing? In most cases, these beginners think that fly-fishing is some strange special way of fishing where we sit down and try and catch flies with our rods rather than fish. But what most of these people don’t realize is that, fly-fishing is actually the most common form of fishing that we see represented in media and movies. This is because it is much easier to have someone cast a line with a fake fly as bait than it is with live bait of any kind.
And that’s just what fly-fishing really is, you are using fake bait, made of plastic or metal or anything than carries enough weight to be able to cast the line properly into the water. Some people might just call that fishing, but it’s a very unique style that not everyone does. Some people prefer the use of worms or live bait of some kind, and others don’t use rods for fishing at all.

So if all that is changing is the use of fake bait instead of live bait, how does fly-fishing defer from fishing with live bait? Well that all comes down to the weights of a rod, the line, and the bait. Generally fake bait on a lure will weigh less than if you are using live stuff, and that means you have to really learn how to cast your line properly with less weight.

And if you think that is easy, try throwing a piece of paper toward someone without making any folds in the paper and see how far it gets or if it goes where you want it to. That’s the kind of challenge you face with fly fishing, and why many people prefer it. It’s also why you usually see people who fly fish will cast their line multiple times, or continually recast their line.

Either way it is certainly a fun method of fishing and everyone should at least try the casting once. The only other thing you have to decide is what kind of fly you want on the end of your line, and that’s a whole other matter to handle.

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