Friday, September 10, 2010

9/10/2010 plea for support

Hello friends of Lees Ferry, Lees Ferry needs your support. The Lees Ferry/Marble Canyon fishing and economic interest group has prepared and proposed elements with the intent of replacing the Bureau Of Reclamations actions under consideration. The BOR actions will be detrimental to our fishery, in my opinion. So what we are asking is for you to send e-mails to Dennis Kubly with a copy sent to John Jordan . Please state your support for LF trout fishery and opposition to any detrimental actions to that fishery and request that the Elements proposed by the LF/MC Fishing and economic interest group be included in the final environmental assessment. We need a second e-mail stating the importance and uniqueness in AZ. of the LF fishery and thanking them for their commitment to the fishery. Request their support for the Elements proposed by the LF/MCFandEIG to the extent that it does not conflict with their position as a State agency. Send to Mike Senn and a copy to John Jordan 1-602-840-4224 or1-208-634-8212 Thanks Rocky For More Details, Visit Home at

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  1. Can you share the elements proposed by the LF/MC Fishing and economic interest group?