Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9/7/2010 fishing report

Hey my friends,Can you all say OFF THE HOOK. If so that would explain the fishing this month. The weather is perfect, the trout are fat and happy, the water level makes it possible to wade all the good bars, the eddies are full of fish. If you are quiet one can hear them slurping. Just as it was in late spring its all about the midges. Size is important color is not and dredging the bottom is not necessary, so what that means is use a dry,dropper rig or get rid of the dry and replace with a pinch on indicator and use two bead head midges and you have what I call a midging rig. This rig has been very effective. I still have days available so give me a call and we will go catching. This is a good time to make a fly fishing buddy out of your wife, best friend, son, daughter or girlfriend anyone you would like to make into a life long fly fisher. If their first time fly fishing is successful they are hooked. Hope to hear from you soon. Rocky
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