Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9/21/2010 fishing talk/report

Hello My Friends and Fellow Fishers, The tricky trout are starting to move out into the deep,that is the ones who want to bite anyway. Their is a reason for this but in short its the steady flows. So we have been having fun with it and using all different tactics in our creel to catch them awesome critters. We might start the day wading the riffles, then strip some buggers and end with fishing a size 20 midge in one of the many eddies stacked with fat bows. If one is quite for a second you can hear them smacking on those midges. HUNDREDS OF THOSE WHITE MOUTHS. The weekends have been a little busy,but still plenty of room to fish.The rest of the week is just right and the weather has been great, cool in the morning,warm in the afternoon.The trout are in great shape, most all of them jump,role,speed to mid channel, you just keep those fingers out of the way from that reel handle
and keep your tip high and enjoy the show. I know you are reading this and saying sounds too good to be true,but I just call what it is TOO COOL. Rocky here, see you out there and if I can be of service give me a call I would love to speak with you For More Details, Visit Home at http://www.LeesFerryFlyFishing.com

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